In the Dead of the Night

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The sun set in the far West side of the horizon

as the clouds covered it up into a pink candy.

A few minutes after its struggle to

disappear behind the clouds, peaks and

ranges of the Rwenzori,

The dusky dust started to fill the space.

But the star in the East retreated from the clouds

through the dusky aerosphere.

It appeared to be standing on it’s own accord

in the space in between the earth and the heavens.

It broadcasted a solitary lifestyle from the way it

demeanored .

With its concave decagons, it beamed with glory

unto the earth.

Unveiling it’s greatness unto me

Reminding me to stay calm

and that she will lead the way into the


A few minutes after,

the moon appeared from the West

side of the horizon

and subtly shifted towards the

setting glory of it’s white


My drugget, Shooby and I,

At 1:30am in the night

We decided that we would have

a moonlight picnic in the forest.

Shooby was to guard us.

Something that she has always done.

Plus she always loved to do.

We enjoyed the company of each other.

But, in the dead of the night,

The cold winds blew

shaking the trees relentlessly.

I was filled with consternation.

I opened my eyes only to

find Shooby’s not next to me.

I walked to the shore of the rivulet

Calling out Shooby in a muffled inflection

I couldn’t find her because I had lost her

I sat on the rock

and cried my eyes out.

From since then, I never

saw Shooby again.

I miss when she used to

run to me and hug me.

I miss how she used to

woof, whimper, growl, whine,

hulf, yelp and yip.

The wagging tail and beguiling

eyes when she used to see me

I miss it, all of it.

I did not know that in the dead

of that night, I would lose her and never

see her again.

I resuscitated myself wishing that it is

only a hallucination.



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I visited her, I had no idea what life held for the one that has been confined in a cell.  Off from the affection of her daughter and the aversion of the world. Aside from the mendacity of her consort. Totally interdicted from the insincerity of her relatives and confidants.

“Have you heard?” They probed through their teeth, not to be heard by me, as I passed by “she is in jail” The words of the ones that pledged to be her mainstay as she trekked through the thorns were the very words that pricked her feet and bled the pain of mistrust and brokenness

How could you do that to me? Did you not know how much she meant to me? You selfish dog, I was just a child!

I was only 9, with no mastery of the right to freedom of movement, except if the liberty has been limited by the execution of a court order in respect of a criminal offence, for the purpose of preventing the spread of contagious diseases, protection of community and for the purposes of preventing unlawful entry to Uganda Source

I didn’t care why you deprived me of the presence of her, all I needed was for her to be with me, I needed her to love me in her presence and not her absence.

I broke down when I saw her step out from the lock-up, with a smile she forced over her dry lips and her pale face. She appeared like she hadn’t fed for two weeks or more, and her skin hadn’t drained water for as long as I could only imagine. She tried to hide away the deep dejection but I could see the pain of a wrecked soul through her brown eyes.  Her body shattered from the cold nights, and when I looked deep into her eyes, tears rolled down her face, I saw a soul that longed for a deep affection, acceptance, truth, peace and trust.

Who would grant her all these without breaking her again? Who would reconstruct her?

She drew closer to me. I was as ready as I could to hold her to me, just to remind her that no matter what, I would NEVER judge her, reject her or even unlove her. That was my moment, to prove to myself whether, I would stand with arms akimbo on the side of those that threw that stone at her, called her a witch or I would embrace her and tell her I got her!

I had carried a flask of tea and buns and together with my aunt, we served her and ourselves.

I cried hard for all the answers I got upon asking her about the situation there. I wished I had super powers, I wished I could just walk away with her and give her a new life.

ME: “Do you sleep on that mat?”

HER: “Yes”

ME: “On that floor?”

HER: “Yes”

ME: “How do you cover yourself? Can’t we bring you a blanket?”

HER: “I cover with a lesu and no, they won’t allow me to use the blanket, they will confiscate it”

I forgive never those that hurt me by taking her away from me!





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You called me ill flavored

Howbeit, I will bloom

Magnificently accoutred in my scarpia,

I will walk up to you, put one finger in your face

And put up a spunky performance

I will wear my blood

red lipstick.

But, I have a deep affection for my gloss

It brings out the me

The me of all times

The me that promised my mum to

be the girl that will honour myself,

by living up to the measure of

my creation.

The me that will lead the way

where the gobbets have occluded

your throttle

The sturdy one that will tranquil the

seas when the demiurge is a wrath

The one that will weather the storm

when it’s at the verge of exasperation.

I, the one that will front you safely

to the shoreline despite the wreck

In the nub of the cruise, I shall test you with

regards to your vocable

You will be daunted by my dialect

I will subdue you into corresponding with me

I will vouchsafe you the passion to

desire me.

You will not realise the magnitude of

sovereignty I am in possession of over you

For the reason that you will be deeply

inculcated by my command.

But, you will take back your loculation

The split second you realise you can’t

chore without me.

Don’t Struggle, It’s Over!

You should have flashed that light all over me. You should have let the rays osculate my face. And, without hesitation, you should have told me how winsome I was. How glittery my eyes they are when I was charged with that crave for you.

You should never have held those back.

How prepossessing my lips were when I simpered.

You should have told me how you wished you had appreciated me before I was even born. You should have told me how you desperately have been craving to meet me throughout your existence. You should have just told me.

You said you sauntered down that valley searching for that wireless connection. The mysteries of light led you to me but yet I led me to you.

And you knew it from your debut at the 33rd Avenue that you were immortal, sturdy, and insensitive. But, in a jiffy, you had found life, mortal life in me. But, you never said it, you just should have

Why would you have done that? Just why? Why did you hide away what was mine? Why did you stare at me forage for affection? When love was you, it was you all along! You stood right in front of me, every single time. You asked to see me when I was broken, you ran up on me just to make sure I was fine, you fell for those evening walks down the Kira road, you promised me the world like I was already yours.

And honestly, I was infatuated with your intense sentiments about my person. You appreciated me inside out and you said you liked me that way.

But you were lucid when you uttered the words “a girl and a boy can be friends” to my face.

You kissed her right on my face. You dated all of them while I watched you, you kept taking steps back, just to have the taste of their lust one more time, two more times, three more times or infinity times I guess . But I watched you and you told me everything. You left no story a secret from me.

I didn’t alter my attitude towards you, and neither was I jealous of you, for the reason that true friendship doesn’t call for envy and evil heart. But I was jealous of the girls that had you but were too large-eyed to see the gold in you.

But silently, you wounded me grievously. And with your saw of selfishness, you trimmed the edges of my wounded, frail and adoring heart, you then pulled it out of my chest. You held it out and dipped it in molten rock. You turned on the heater to 150 degrees Celsius and boiled it for five years.

As if that wasn’t enough, you got it out, threw it on the streets for anyone to trample over at their own leisure.

All this you did unconsciously. You never realised that you left my soul without any feelings, my body without any sensation but only a cadaver, a moving corse.

I walked that corse out of this orbit with no intent of turning back, for another reason that there was nothing left for me here anymore, I reckoned so.

Now I am at peace and you are begging yourself to have said it all before I left.

Leave me alone, let me REST!

The September Rush of Blood

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I had this anxiety that lasted a whole month from the start of September.

I ruminated about how the first day, Monday 25th day of September, 2017 would be like. It would be the first day at a place I regarded with great fear and apprehension.

That place disquieted me, the thought of it alone, the mention of its initials “LDC” relentlessly took me on a ride in the valley of fear. But it wasn’t malaise per se , because I knew the cause.

It was that first encounter I had with my pedagogue at undergrad who reminded me that I ought to study for LDC, nothing else. I never slept, ate, or hangout without the thought of it.

The night of September 24th 2017, I slept with my suit by my side, readily ironed, no crizle, just the smooth line of the flat iron from my shoulder to my wrist.

But I thought about how Monday would be like. I was anxious and filled with inquietude. This place, what will it be like? How will it be like to meet The Prince and his realm of legal behemoths? How will I feel? Will I get those bubbles? Those bubbles that usually burst with a grumble when I see a drop-dead gorgeous gentleman?

There it was, Monday the 25th day of September. I was up at 4am, having skipped a few hours of sleep in between due to frantic feeling.

7:30 am, I was making that entrance through the gate. I felt my adrenal gland being induced by the tension in my system to produce cortisol and adrenaline in response to the trepidation.

When I saw the rest of the clan, my adrenal glands released glucose into my bloodstream, I thought about the possibility of walking in like Nicki hitting the stage in Beijing and running the show like Ariana.

And I did!


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Mr. President,

The first time I had the privilege to give audience to you, I discerned in myself the warrant for belonging to this profession of  the noble and blue-blooded luminaries.

That rare ratiocination clouded my thoughts, all deducted from the minutes you let your wisdom flow upon us.

I have read about you Sir, in newspapers, newsletters, on websites, and even shared links on social media on your press statements, but having the live feed of your all round sagacity  that day at the auditorium was wealth for me.

The affluence of information you carefully selected from your cenote of experience, richly and carefully crafted for our persons as we drift through this peregrination, is the  exigency our souls have invariably demanded for.

You shared with us how difficult this expedition can be, from your own practical contact with and observation of the facts. But, it only made you resilient. And so, we ought to aim at beating all odds against our success, without offering ourselves the menace of non perseverance which may sometimes be the ground for a break down or self destruction.

Your Excellency, I write this because I was inspired, motivated, influenced and at the end of that day, I felt elated Sir.

It was the inauguration of my long and industrious career, a dedication of my life to live in honour of this honourable profession and a call to serve my fellow women and men faithfully.

I thank you very much Sir for sharing with me your utterances that are paving the way as I continue roving about this profession.


Yours Faithfully,

Alesi Majorine